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We are looking for lots of volunteers to participate in the tree planting activities that will take place during the upcoming two planting seasons in Romania, the first one starting on the 15th of November 2020 and ending on the 15th of December, but the beginning and the end of the planting season can vary by 3-5 days depending on the weather conditions. During each day of the planting season we will host one planting activity with approximately 200-300 people. Everybody involved will be one of you! At the end everybody who participated will receive a diploma and also get credited on our website, as well as be able to say that they have made a difference that day which will have an impact lasting over 100 years, the whole life of that forest.


If you want to get even more involved than that and suport our mission even more, you can volunteer to become an organizer, fundraiser or marketer/social media manager for the project. Everybody who signs up for becoming part of the team will receive special merits and a signed document by the project's founder, Mihai Peia, as well as work directly with him all throughout the project. The experience gained will be priceless and we highly recommend high school students to participate as volunteers in such projects because universities are looking for well-rounded individuals with a sense of responsibility and volunteer time.

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